Master's degree in Informatics Engineering


Dual training is based on the complementary principle of learning in an academic environment and in a professional environment. The student becomes the learner who studies. It is a form of training that takes place alternately between the university and the company.

The organization and definition of the tasks to be carried out by the student to meet the objectives is a process in which two tutors are involved: the company tutor and the university tutor. The first one is who deals with the student every day and has a complete knowledge of the activities that take place in the company. In this sense, the company tutor defines the tasks that the student will carry out as a training and work activity on the associated competencies. Due to the fact that the training is carried out in three semesters, these tasks and associated competencies are distributed over time, taking into account that, in each evaluation period, the student must work as many competencies as possible through the tasks. All this information, along with an explanation of the process to be followed throughout the semester and the established planning, is reflected in a document called "Learning Notebook". This work management tool also incorporates what the result has been from the point of view of the student and the tutors, together with the grade obtained. This qualification is broken down for each task and competence. As it is extracted from the process, the company tutor has a key role since it will be the one who analyzes the student's day-to-day life in order to study the evolution and, obviously, to be able to establish a value for the qualification of the work carried out. The university tutor will receive all the information provided by the company tutor in order to jointly validate the established qualifications.

Along with the "Learning Notebook", in each semester and, therefore, in each evaluation period, the student will make a report in which the work carried out, planned and defined in the notebook is described in detail.

During dual training, there is the possibility of doing the Master's Final Project as part of it. For this reason, the Learning Notebook contains the planning, monitoring and control of the work, ensuring monitoring by the company and university tutor.



The contract modality is foreseen in full-time Internship, which allows the company to temporarily occupy people with a university degree with no experience in the job for which they have been trained.

Non-european students are enrolled in the company by means of extracurricular full-time practices while the enterprise performs all formalities to be hired in a in full-time Internship.


The full-time internship contract considers that a portion of the day the studen is placed at the company and another part is devoted to the academic training in the master, as established in the training plan defined individually for each student.

During academic periods, students will combine their training by developing tasks in the company (4 hours daily) and tracking studies (4 hours daily). This proportion can be changed during the last semester of the studies, as established in the training plan to be developed for each student.

During periods without classes, students attend full time to the company.


Considering that the next academic course starts on September, the dual training period starts on next October until February of the folowing academic course. This period may vary according to each particular situation.


The specialization itinerary for dual training students is Enterprise Integrated Projects. The student will be co-tutored and co-evaluated by a tutor designated by the company and a tutor appointed by the university. The tutors will ensure compliance with the training plan which guarantees the acquisition of the set of competencies agreed in the training plan essential for obtaining the degree.

Application and timing


The EPS and the companies post the offer of dual training vacancies for students who starts the Master in the new course in September.

Early May / Mid-June

  1. The students make a pre-selection of those companies thwy prefer to be contact first.
  2. Fill out a form for selecting companies.
  3. Upload the curriculum vitae
  4. Upload the Academic Transcript of your bachelor. (Degree that provides to you access to the Master studies)
  • Upload the introduction letter (Optional). Explain your motivation to apply for the Dual training program. I mean, your motivation for doing this Master degree and in dual training modality.
  • Interested students must register for the Master.
  • The students should contact with in order to obtain access to the virtual campus. The needed information is: Name, e-mail and ID card.
  • The student accesses to the virtual campus and go to the activity named "Formació Dual MEINF".

5.The students should:

From 10th-11th June to 16th June

The documentation of the students will be sent to the companies.

A meeting will be held with students who are interested in doing dual training. The objective is to inform about the operating mode, explaining the process carried out during the training. Specifically, the essential point will be the explanation of the planning and definition of tasks and their assignment to competences as well as the use of the "Learning Notebook" as an essential management tool.

From 16th-17th June to 31st July 

  • Companies will begin the selection processes.
  • Each company will contact the candidates.
  • The company will communicate to the students and to the master degree coordinator the students selected.

Second half of July

The student enrols to the master degree.

In September

A second round of assignments will begin for those students who have remained unassigned.

Late September

The students starts the master degree lectures.

In October

The selected students will join the company to begin their Dual Training period. 


Vacancies for Dual Training students in the 2024-25 year

Summary Table for Dual Training students in the 2024-25 year

Company Vacancies

Yearly salary


Eurecat 1 15.000 - 18.000
ICG 3 To determine
IFR 1 15.000 - 16.000
Indra 2 To determine
MyChef 1 To determine
Saltó 2 15.876 - 16.000
GFT 5 To determine

List partner companies


Alter Software is a software manufacturer established in 2002 after more than 20 years of experience in the area of ​​Information Technology (IT). The company is specialized in two major sectors: financial sector (security industry) and agricultural sector, offering in each of them products that make up all of their possible businesses. The software is developed entirely in a web environment (Java, HTML, Java Script, ...) under the MVC (Model View Controller) model, which allows the user interface, business logic and access to data to be clearly separated. With this, Alter Software guarantees their clients a solid, versatile and last generation product. The technical team is made up of engineers and graduates, organized in the following functional areas: Development Department (carries out the manufacturing, R&D and maintenance of the software), Implementation Department (is responsible for the correct parameterization and training in the clients) and Business Development Department (carries out the technical management of clients and projects). WEB

BonArea Agrupa

BonArea groups is a conglomerate of companies, which around its main activity (the agri-food) develop other lines of business like the distribution of computer products with two stores and the activity of telecommunications operator, supplying Internet and telephone services to a part of La Segarra. Their entrepreneurial nature has made them get involved in areas such as artificial vision, robotics, and even in the development of their own electronics, always with the aim of optimizing and improving processes. At a technological level, the size of the company gives them the opportunity to work with the most cutting-edge technologies, together with the great team of bonÀrea IT made up of more than 100 professionals. WEB

Borges International Group

Global Agro-food Group has a familiar and mediterranean origin with more than 121 years of history and a strong international presence. They are leaders in the management of agricultural farms, industrial processing, packaging and marketing of olive and seed oils, nuts, dried fruit, Modena vinegar, pasta and snacks. WEB

e Telecom

E Telecom is the result of combining the long experience of its human team in the telecommunications sector and the latest technologies applied to the business world, aimed at increasing productivity, improving service to customers and suppliers and reducing costs. They are a TOTAL operator of Voice and Data communications who integrate and provide all types of connectivity from ADSL, SHDSL ... to analog lines, ISDN (e.Connectivity), Voice over IP, SIP Trunk (e.Voice), switchboard Virtual (e.Cloud-PBX), HD Videoconference (e.Meeting), etc., all based on total transparency in the information provided to their clients: clear invoices, without surprises or added costs. WEB

Electrònica Saltó

We are a company located in Lleida born in 1994. Currently, our team is composed of 250 employees. Our activity focuses on the provision of technical services. Our business lines are: Tech Services: we provide support, installation and maintenance of computer equipment at national level. Software Factory: own product development:

SOM: Platform for the optimization and management of processes and resources. Cloud technology, IoT (Internet Of Things), geolocation, artificial intelligence and mobility.
Industry 4.0: Platform for the monitoring and management of assets for the industrial sector.
Serveis: Project for the optimization of resources in mobility.
Smart cities: Optimization of asset management and service organization around a city or rural town.

SOMCare: Platform for the management of multi-robot and multi-device for social companies, assistance and health-care. The platform, by means of a robot, is able to monitor elderly people. It responds to queries and alerts relatives and caregivers. The platform gained the 5G Challenge award to the enhancement of elderly people standard of living by means of technology, given by the Fundació Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Ajuntament de Barcelona. WEB


Eurecat is the Technological Center of Catalonia (Tecnio member) which gathers the experience of more than 600 professionals and provides service to more than 1,000 companies. Applied R&D, technological services, highly specialized training, technological consulting and professional events are some of the services that Eurecat offers for large, small and medium-sized companies in all sectors. The added value provided by Eurecat accelerates innovation, reduces spending on scientific and technological infrastructures, reduces risks and provides specialized knowledge tailored to each company. WEB


As a technology partner with extensive experience, GFT's commitment is to drive digital transformation in the financial services sector. Based on their in-depth knowledge of the market, they advise the world's leading financial institutions and develop tailor-made IT solutions, from banking applications and trading systems to full platform implementation and support, or modernization of core banking systems. Their global innovation team develops new business models in all sectors, focusing on topics such as blockchain, cloud engineering, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things. With their clients, they build the financial world of the future. Founded in 1987, the company has a global team of nearly 5,000 employees in Europe, North and South America. GFT's shares are listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange the TecDAX (ISIN: DE0005800601). In Spain, GFT has been operating since 2001, it has a team of more than 2,000 professionals spread across its headquarters in Alicante, Lleida, Madrid, Sant Cugat (Barcelona), Valencia and Zaragoza. WEB


Globalia is the first Spanish tourist group. It is made up of a set of independent companies that compete in their respective sectors: Air Europa, Halcón Viajes or Be Live Hotels which are some of the best known. WEB


ICG Software is dedicated to manufacturing IT solutions for small, medium and large companies in the hospitality, hotel and retail sectors. These solutions range from Point of Sale Software to centralized chain and franchise management. Since 2012, ICG Software begins a commitment to Cloud and mobile technologies, designing its new solutions within this paradigm. WEB

Ilerna Online

ILERNA Online is a company based in Madrid, Milan and Lleida, leader in the distance vocational training sector. You will be part of a young and dynamic team with a desire for professional development and, above all, with the hope of promoting a project together. WEB


Indra is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies and the global technology partner for its clients' key businesses worldwide. In Lleida, there are 380 people in the development of IT projects. The main activity is software development projects applying agile and traditional project management techniques and participating in all phases of the project from the taking of requirements, management, functional and technical analysis, implementation, testing and commissioning. The technologies used are varied,citing the most important ones: Java, .net, Angular, SAP ERP, Business Intelligence, and the latest to join is the Big Data area with reference projects carried out with the Lleida team. As a global company they have international projects and can work with their colleagues from the different locations that INDRA has around the world. WEB

Invelon Technologies

Invelon Technologies is a technology company that develops virtual reality and augmented reality solutions. They have internal capabilities to develop technological solutions for training and assembly, logistics and warehouse management, advanced information visualization, visualization of big data, digital twin. In addition, Invelon Technologies develops solutions for sales, marketing and communication departments. They offer a specific consulting service for the development of "turnkey" applications and personalized solutions for their clients. WEB

IRB Lleida

The Lleida Biomedical Research Institute Dr. Pifarré Foundation (IRBLleida) is established in order to create synergies between basic research, clinical research and epidemiological research, so that biomedical research is the engine for improving clinical daily practice for the benefit of the entire population. In other words, it encompasses a chain of translational research from basic research, aimed at understanding the physiological and pathological mechanisms of the human organism, to research that studies the behavior of diseases in large population groups. WEB

Just Digital

Just Digital is a company specialized in creating digital products for Startups and Corporates. With a team made up of different foreign profiles, they create a perfect ecosystem for creating successful digital products. It is based on Lean and Agile methodologies and always with the most advanced technology. This allows them to deliver quality products in less time adapting to the needs of each project and each client. WEB is the first Certification Operator, a benchmark company in the field of certified electronic communications, SMS solutions and data validation. Acting as trusted third parties, they add legal value to electronic communications. Its services provide security, efficiency and profitability in the processes of its clients. has agreements with more than 2,000 companies in more than 150 countries, managed from its 17 international headquarters. solutions and services are mainly used by public administrations, SMEs and large companies. Some of the services: certified emails and SMS, certified electronic invoices, certified electronic contracts, Conectaclic (adapted online recruitment circuits), Stamphoto (photo certification), Stamp ID (ID and passport verification), Check All and Check Network (validation of telephone numbers), as well as SMS sending. WEB

Open Natur

OpenNatur, with headquarters in Barcelona and delegation in Lleida, is made up of a team of professionals with the highest training and specialization in different disciplines to offer the best Agrobiological Solutions. It offers its clients the best Agrobiological Solutions, applying the most advanced techniques in the control and monitoring of pests that affect fruit, horticultural, extensive crops as well as in industrial environments, forest areas and urban green spaces. WEB

Redis Gestió

Redis Gestión Asociados is presented as the new comprehensive services center in our region with a trajectory of more than 20 years in the world of consulting. To guarantee maximum efficiency services, their team is made up of qualified professionals with proven experience in each of their areas. It has specific departments aimed at the agricultural sector and also at self-employed workers that offer services clearly oriented to their needs. Thanks to their company values aimed at people and new facilities, their clients will enjoy maximum comfort and safety, while receiving close and fully individualized attention. WEB

Rodi Motor Sevices

Theyr are a leading company in the after-sales sector of car maintenance specialized in four major areas: tourism, motorcycle, truck and agricultural. Rodi Motor Services was born in Lleida in 1990 and therefore their headquarters are in Lleida. They have a network of 150 workshops spread across Aragon, the Canary Islands, Catalonia and Andorra, being the largest chain of auto centers in all of Spain. Since its creation, Rodi has grown constantly and they are currently in the expansion phase at national and even international level. Their staff is made up of 1,500 people. For them, people are the most valuable asset and the key to our success. So their personnel policy is focused on making people work and grow in a work environment that fosters personal well-being. WEB

Sallén Tech

The Sallen Tech Group is the only one in Spain in the manufacture of cash treatment machines and perimeter security systems using lasers and optical fiber. The company is located in Binéfar (Huesca) and its products are present in more than 25 countries, all in the euro zone, in addition to Russia, Turkey, Mexico and Morocco, among others, where 80 percent of its turnover comes from.


Semic is a global provider of IT solutions and services with more than 30 years of experience in the Spanish market. They help private companies and public administrations to take advantage of new technologies to improve their competitiveness. WEB


Trota is an international transport company for refrigerated goods by road, with growth and a young working environment, in whichen R + D + I are the computing tools and their constant development and improvement. The IT department is made up of 6 people who work to constantly improve the processes, information and quality services of the entire company. WEB

Vall Companys

The Vall Companys Group is a leading and solid group in the agri-food sector with a professional career that began in 1956. The family character of the group, supported by a professional and highly involved human team, as well as a policy of reinvestment of benefits, brand a business orientation based on progressive growth. The activities of the more than 40 Group companies consist of flour plants, feed factories, meat production centers, pig, poultry and beef slaughterhouses, own pharmaceutical laboratories specialized in animal health, insemination centers, incubators and a logistics company. The Department of S.I. includes all kinds of activities necessary for service in an industrial company that bills around € 1.7 billion and more than 3000 workers. They carried out tasks from those related to corporate ERP (Microsoft's Axapta, programming / consulting), through the creation of APPs, studies of AI algorithms applied to production processes, to those of systems and communications and industrial devices, all elacionades with each of the Group's sectors. WEB